Child’s Play 2019 review

Child’s Play 2019 review; Child’s Play 2019 is the latest horror and thriller Hollywood movie.

child s play movie review, child s play 2019 review, child s play,The new Child’s Play 2019 is an 8 installment of this franchise. It is released on 19 June 2019, directed by Lars Klevberg. Child’s Play 2019 is a remake of the 1988 Slasher/Thriller movie Child’s Play. It is one of the very famous old Hollywood thriller & slasher movie. The all of the age people like these movies series as well as Chucky. His character is the heart of this franchise. Even though Chucky is the main evil of the film. It is a full entertaining movie. But it is hard to say that Child’s play 2019 is not like as the audience expectation.

Story of the Child’s Play 2019

child s play movie review, child s play 2019 review, child s play,The story starts with Karen Barclay (played by Aubrey Plaza) who is a single mother move to a new small apartment with her 13 years old son Andy (played by Gabriel Bateman). In a new place, Karen tries to encourage her son Andy to make new friends. But Andy misses his father and does not like his mother new boyfriend Shane (played by David Lewis) That’s why he feels lonely.

After a few days, Karen gives Buddi doll on Andy’s birthday as a gift. He goes so overwhelmed to see the doll. But they both don’t know that the doll’s dark mystery. When he activates the Buddi doll, it names itself Chucky. Chucky is an artificially intelligent super doll created by Kaslan Corporation. The owner of Kaslan Corporation fires his one employed for his mistakes. But that worker Re-program the all dolls system. He turns off all doll safety systems and changes in a killing toy. After that, find out to watch this movie. What will happen when Andy activate that killing doll?

child s play movie review, child s play 2019 review, child s play,The new installment of Child’s play 2019 is a very great movie. The storyline is very different from the original movie has a new cast and new Chuchy voice actor Mark Hamill. It has lots of fun and entertaining scenes. But this reboot is not like the original film. The old version of the movie is so better than this reboot. Chucky’s character is not so strong as I expected in this movie. It didn’t create any my blood run cold. In 1988 Brad Dourif had given his voice in Chucky. His voice and accent were very powerful. He created groundbreaking thriller scenes. In the old version of Child’s Play, we had gotten to see a serial killer, black magic, and many more things. This kind of thing is missing from this movie remake and it doesn’t have terror and scary. Sorry to say that It is the worst movie in 2019.

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