The Lighthouse Movie Review

The Lighthouse Movie Review: This movie wants to make you a little crazy.

The Lighthouse Movie Review, The Lighthouse Movie, The Lighthouse 2019, The Lighthouse 2019 movie, The Lighthouse 2019 review, The Lighthouse, The Lighthouse film review, The Lighthouse film,The Lighthouse Movie Review: The Lighthouse is a black & white psychological horror, Drama and Thriller film. It was directed by Robert Eggers, the screenplay was composed by The Director and his brother, Max! The star actors of the film are Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. The movie is based upon two lighthouse keepers. It was released on October 18, 2019.

In The Lighthouse Movie,

They begin to fail their understanding through a tornado knocks the unknown island on which they are residing. The movie has the story of the 1890s. Since they have nobody else to talk with, they start to talk a little with each other. Disappointingly, their behavior is the opposite of each other. Robert doesn’t talk much, whereas Williem loves to talk. That’s why Robert directly came out of his shell once. This movie has every quality a movie should have from horror elements to thriller elements to comedic elements.

My Thinking About The Movie

The actors have done a great job, especially Robert Pattinson. This has given me a better performance than I thought. This film has surpassing ideas. The incredible character of Robert and the extraordinary, glorious actor Williem. If you’ve watched ‘The Witch’ you would be more delighted to see this movie. ‘The Witch’ is another one of the best movies by Robert Eggers. I’m telling you this because this movie is even more unbelievable than ‘The Witch’. Even after ‘The Witch’ is so wonderful, I couldn’t even think there would be another more unbelievable movie from Robert Eggers. Robert Eggers has always proved that his movies are out of estimation. I recommend you to watch this movie. “The Lighthouse” is a remarkable example of the impact one movie can possess, yet if it’s made with simple monetary and physical resources.

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