Red Eye Movie Review

Red Eye Movie Review: Most Thrilling and Suspensive Movie Red Eye.


Red Eye Movie Review: Red Eye is an American mystery and psychological thriller film, directed by Wes Craven and composed by Carl Ellsworth. It is based on a story fabricated by Ellsworth and Dan Foos. It’s star actors are Rachel McAdams and Killian Murphy. It was released on August 19, 2005. This film is a box office success. It is mainly based on Lisa Reisert, a hotel manager.

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Lisa is forced by Jackson to assist him during a mission to kill a head USA official, Charles Keefe. While Lisa’s flight is delayed, she meets Jackson Rippner (Killian Murphy) who’s flight is also delayed. Jackson just charms Lisa. They create a relationship with each other. Later on, They find their plane was the same and they had their seats side by side. When everything seems to be doing great. Just until Jackson asks her to make a phone call or else he would kill her father. Another thing about the film is that the cat-mouse game in Aeroplane! The villain has to be careful that nobody notices him forcing Lisa to kill a USA professional, He eradicates all the clues and requests made by Lisa for help.

My Thinking About The Movie

Wes Craven Did a Great Work making it one of the best in 2005. It’s actors have done great work, they were amazingly into their character. Lisa is clever, making the movie more attractive. Every few minutes she deals with difficulty. The villain Jackson is also intelligent as Lisa! He finds out all her cleverness which she used to escape and puts it into a dump. The villain Jackson’s character is made amazing and interesting too much. After compiling up the Best things and bad things about the movie. I find none are Bad so, I recommend you to watch it.

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