The Lion King movie 2019 review

The Lion King returns in Cinemas but this time not in the animated style it is in live-action.

The Lion King movie 2019 review, The Lion King, The Lion King 2019, The Lion King movie, Lion King, disney, Live action movie, Lion King 2019 review,The Lion King 2019 movie review: The Lion King is the latest Disney live-action movie. Directed by Jon Favreau (who had also directed The Jungle Book 2016 & Iron Man 2008) and he returns with The Lion King 2019. The new installment of Disney’s The Lion King is a new spin-off of the 90s superhit movie the Lion King. It is based on adventure and action. It is not an easy task for Disney to convert animation movies into live-action. This movie is just not the children’s favorite movie but also elders.

Spoiler-free review

The new spin-off of The Lion King is a great and outstanding movie. This Movie has everything for everyone much as action, adventure, emotions, survival of life, an animal’s life journey. The visual effects and photography of the movie are so impressive and mind-bending. The art of The film is indescribable and unimaginable. The sun rising scene is extremely beautiful and sumptuous. All animal designs look like real animals. The lighting effects, animals designing, land-escape, the mountaintop, and sound-mixing all of these kinds of things are perfectly designed. The CGI artists of the film who has created this beautiful and mind-bending world that looks photorealist. They do impossible to deny incredible work


My Thought About Movie.

But unfortunately, In 1994 The old classic version is so better than 2019 new version and it is not fulfilling my will and expectations. It is really hard for me to say that the new installment of Disney is not like the original version of the film. The good storyline, the traditional art of hand-drawn, lots of funny moments, action, and music these all kinds of things are the heart of The Lion King 1994. But unfortunately, these all things are missing from the movie. Many best moments have been shortened or removed from the movie that’s why the personality of the original film isn’t existent here. When I was watching, not believing that “I am watching it in live-action” This movie is soulless many scenes you can easily predicate, nothing like the original film.

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